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The main board, small board and gem monthly reports in 2015 seventh
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Date: 1 August 2015: Investment Department

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(2015.07.01 - 7.31)

First, the issue of the current issue

1, the issue of the main engine board

The Shanghai Stock Exchange to suspend the issue. The host period

2, the Board issued

Shenzhen small and medium-sized board to suspend the issue period

3, the issue of the gem issue

The Shenzhen Stock Exchange gem this period to suspend the issue

Two, this period will be the case

1, the Shanghai Main Board issued the situation

This period will host Shanghai 10 companies, through the.

Serial number company name of the main business will be listed on the date of the main underwriters

1 Duolun science and Technology Co., Ltd. elevators, escalators, automatic sidewalks, stereo parking garage and electric control parts, 2015-07-01 Huatai United Securities and through

Everbright Securities, 2015-07-01 2 Shenlong Elevator Co., Ltd. motor vehicle driver information training and examination system through