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The 2013 gem dynamic weekly tenth
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                                       (2013 04.08-2013.04.14)
A, this week issued and listed
The 1 issue
This week without GEM companies online issuing purchase.
Code name sponsor issuing date of issue price (yuan) PE issuance volume (million) the total issued share capital after the main business (million)Behind the 2 IPO tournament hit - 1 damage must collapse and Chairman
In 2013 04 months 12, Jinling Evening News
With the increase in the number of enterprises to IPO revocation, investment banking, wealth, in addition to direct brokerage, institutions such as the VC/PE, the stealth in the quasi IPO project behind the company executives, corporation, Associate Company and even local governments have also been implicated. The industry have pointed out, IPO, to ensure that the project has a better financial data, these aspects are often out of their own pockets to help advance funding projects. Because these funds are often not recorded, once the project IPO crashed, only dummy eat Rhizoma Coptidis have bitter could not say.