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Thirteen five capital market reform 5 highlights: registration system reform
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October 29, 2015 09:53 China Securities Journal

Reporter Wang Xiaowei

The market, the rule of law will be the starting point of "45" capital market reform and development. Under the background of China's economic structure adjustment and industrial restructuring and upgrading, the capital market on the economic development, innovation engine build, mergers and acquisitions recombination efficiency of the supporting role in the 45 "is expected to be further strengthened. Specifically, "45" capital market reform and development five big bright will include the completion of the registration system reform, promote the transformation of the regulatory and attract long-term funds into the market, improve the multi-level capital market system and further promote the opening to the outside world.

Promote the registration system reform and regulatory transformation

Guotai Junan (20.79, 0, 0%) analysts pointed out, the capital market has a strategic position in promoting economic restructuring and upgrading. The current financial structure lags behind the economic restructuring and upgrading, the future is expected to develop more modern service industry for light assets, heavy knowledge, high technology, high risk, lack of collateral, the current bank indirect financing of financial structure and can not effectively support industrial upgrading. Therefore, to promote the transformation and innovation, to leverage, to reduce the cost of corporate financing is the key to promote the rise of equity financing. In the process, the registration system will become the cornerstone of the long-term healthy development of the capital market.