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Three new board layered plan announced the expected increase in market making stocks were warming trend
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October 14, 2015 05:39 Securities Daily

- reporter Zuo Yonggang

By the expected increase in the impact of hierarchical programs, the National SME share transfer system (commonly known as the three new board) two market for two consecutive days of warming. October 12th, the third board market index volume rebound, the day to close at 1338.13 points, up 1.06%, turnover of 327000000 yuan. The whole market turnover breakthrough five billion yuan and 5.78 billion yuan, since September 10, for the first time exceeded one-day transaction scale of 5 million yuan, on October 13, the third board market report 1344.60, rose 0.48%; board component index closed at 1335.84 points, up 0.59%.

As of October 13th, the new three board listed companies reached 3640, the total share capital of 200000000000 shares, reached 71232000000 shares, of which 192293000000 shares of tradable shares. In addition, the city's stock has reached 878.

August this year, there have been rumors that the new board will be divided into innovative, nurturing, basic level three levels. People's livelihood Securities Research Center of the new board, believes that the rumors of new Sanban innovation layer access standards is not too strict, but shows certain applicability and superiority, mainly including four factors: one is the embodiment of flexibility; the second is in line with international standards; three is for the follow-up reform measures application launch; the fourth is in competition with the other capital markets.