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The capital market "encirclement and suppression" enterprise sick listing agency expects annual IPO is about 120
Source:Securities Daily | Author:pro733068 | Publish time: 2016-07-21 | 1146 Views | Share:
Whether it is IPO, or reorganization of the listed listed on the new board, "enterprises" in landing the domestic capital market is tightening trend. Recently, from regulators deployment fraudulent IPO issuing violations of law enforcement action to improve the reorganization listing threshold, the issue of the audit process in the strict implementation of environmental protection laws and regulations, to three new board intends to improve access conditions listed, such as, regarding the alleged illegal and the constraints of the industry enterprise land capital market or have been tightened.

"Securities Daily" the reporter noted that in relation to the problem enterprises landing on major issues in the capital market, regulators emphasized service on supply side structural reforms, as well as the practice of green development concept, promote the transformation of the mode of economic development and economic restructuring and upgrading, guide capital to invest in the real economy.

Capital market is fully practice the supply side structural reforms, and through optimization regulation in service entity economic quality and efficiency. As of July 14, 2016, the China Securities Regulatory Commission accepted the first enterprise 883, which has passed will be 116, not over 767. Not too would normally pending corporate enterprise 720, 47 enterprises suspend the review. Among them, the number of companies to suspend the review and comparison of data released in June 30th, the new 3. And in the suspension of the review of enterprises, there are many related to the subject of illegal violations and the emergence of environmental issues.