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A shares of the company to accelerate the new three board 102 into the innovation layer
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With the landing of the new three board layered program, more and more companies to join the ranks of the main board layout. According to the China Securities newspaper reporter statistics, 2011 so far, has 135 mainboard companies holding new Sanban listed company, and pace of investment more and more quickly, in 2011 to 2014 a total of 44 cases, in 2015 reached 51 cases, 2016 has been 40 cases. Three new board hierarchical management system is clear, this trend is expected to further accelerate.

Four major advantages

Regarding the layout of the new Sanban enterprise, most of the listed companies referred to the "two sides industry coordinated and complementary", "meet the industrial transformation and upgrading", "factors contributing to future strategic layout", value of transactions related to the standard of the enterprise with its own industry fit, and whether it can for its later upgrade to provide substantial help.

For listed companies, mergers and acquisitions to expand industrial scale or the implementation of the strategic restructuring, fineness of the subject of the transaction directly influence its planning blueprint can as expected like cash.