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4 Shandong eagerly look forward to IPO approval of 120 companies will be ready
Source:Economic Herald | Author:pro733068 | Publish time: 2016-06-06 | 1938 Views | Share:

As of last Friday (3 may), the Commission accepted the first enterprise 801, which has passed will be 120, not over 681. Not too will normally pending business enterprise to 651, suspend review 30 enterprises, Economic Herald reporter according to the China Securities Regulatory Commission released the latest inventory found that the IPO has been the 120 enterprises, have not yet obtained the approval of a total of five enterprises in Shandong. But 3 days later, the Commission issued the approval of IPO Shandong Linglong tires and other 9 companies. This means that before but did not get approval from Shandong 4 left home.

At the same time, as of the end of 5, a total of 411 refinancing applications, which has passed the trial will have 182, a total of 6 companies involved in shandong.

"The new chairman of the Commission 'to strengthen supervision' style is very clear, with the further strengthening of the review, we have been the company's' suffering 'time is also being extended." Shenzhen A has passed will financial enterprises responsible for the Herald reporter said, quasi listed companies with IPO approved, listed companies, refinancing approval, now waiting time seems to be growing.