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The three board(NEEQ) layered financial information released only under layered standard released | Author:pro733068 | Publish time: 2016-05-03 | 1163 Views | Share:
Statistics show that last year more than 100 million yuan of business revenue reached 2543, the market value of over 600 million yuan enterprises reached 831
In May, the national share transfer system (commonly known as the three new board) will be the implementation of internal stratification, today, the final hierarchical scheme has not yet announced. But hierarchical financial information has been announced. As of April 29th annual report disclosure deadline, three new board a total of 6945 companies to disclose the annual report of 2015, among them, 6883 have completed the disclosure, 62 the company fails to disclose the annual report.
On April 29, the national share transfer system announced that due to 2016 April 30, non disclosure, according to the "National SME share transfer system business rules (for Trial Implementation)" the relevant provisions of, decided to suspend the stock transfer of the company since May 3, 2016.
"Securities Daily" the reporter according to statistics last year operating income of over 1 billion yuan of enterprise to 2543, more than 10 billion yuan enterprises have 150, more than 100 million yuan enterprises have three, seven enterprises net profit of more than 10 billion yuan, more than 1 billion yuan has 128, more than 2000 million yuan enterprises reached 1323 home. As of April 27th closing, the market capitalization of over 600 million yuan enterprises reached 831.