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The three board(NEEQ) next week to test the transfer mode between the layer and the transfer mode conversion | Author:pro733068 | Publish time: 2016-04-14 | 1460 Views | Share:


The implementation of the new three panel internal hierarchical approximation, April 13, national share transfer system issued the "relating to carry out the national system for the transfer of shares of small and medium-sized enterprises listed companies hierarchical information reveal first round simulation test of the notice", the national stock turn system, Chinese settlement, Shenzhen Securities communication limited company and the broker, information providers and other will next week to participate in the test.


"Securities Daily" the reporter, this simulation test the main contents including test listed company hierarchical information reveals the timeliness, accuracy and integrity of, the technical system of listed company hierarchical information reveals the accuracy of sub plate revealed different levels of the stock market is correct.