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Beijing, Tianjin and regional economic supply side of the reform of the new board or to assume the transformation of the drive | Author:pro733068 | Publish time: 2016-03-31 | 1289 Views | Share:

"13th Five-Year" start to pull the curtain open, the supply side reform force in advance, the capital market as the main battlefield of status is also mentioned in history.

Since the Shanghai and Shenzhen two city to promote the development of the Pearl River Delta long of the new economy, to the new node China economic development history today, many people's eyes finally focused on half a China north, in their eyes, an equal position here is the vigorous development of the capital market, or as in previous years, the Shenzhen two city general play, the transformation of economic development zone of Beijing Tianjin Hebei historical mission, even more boldly predicted quietly spread, the registration system of amble, strategic emerging board stranded now, the "new three" financing place stand point, the future will pry or will be the whole Bohai and even the northeast economy, and this transformation and rise, the impact will be Chinese overall economic situation.

Third: be born tired and less potential