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The State Council proposed innovative financing way to encourage overseas listed companies to return A
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Message stocks summary: June 4th disc tips before the overall increase of ten shares of 7.10%

The overseas listing of "wandering" countries call you back to A shares

The executive meeting of the State Council yesterday proposed innovative financing, and promote special equity structure of the enterprise (VIE) listed in the territory

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"Innovation investment loan linkage, to raise public equity financing, to promote the special ownership structure of enterprises listed in the territory." Yesterday, the executive meeting of the State Council this decision, perhaps more determined the determination of the Internet startups A shares to return.

Prior to May 7, issued by the State Council "the State Council relating to promote the development of electronic commerce and accelerate the development of new economic power of opinions", had asked relevant departments according to the division of responsibilities, respectively in charge of research encouraged to meet the conditions of Internet companies in the domestic listed and related policies. Some people in the industry predicted that the next three years there will be nearly 1000 $background of "innovative company of the stock of" collective return to the domestic capital market, or will attract nearly $2 trillion in assets to enter the domestic capital market.