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Jiuding investment He Qiang: the new Sanban bring three types of opportunities for investment institutions
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 In November 20, 2014 02:07 Economic Daily News

                           After each reporter Wang Yiming

Private equity investment institutions as the first listed new Sanban, Jiuding investment (430719) how to view the current new Sanban market, the next step, the company will have as?

In November 19, 2014, by the "daily economic news" and the Bank of Hangzhou jointly sponsored, Guosen Securities Co sponsored "Hangzhou bank 2014 innovative entrepreneurial Financing Forum -- the new Sanban Theme Concert" held in Shanghai. In this forum, Kun Wu Jiuding Cci Capital Ltd (hereinafter referred to as Jiuding investment) CEO He Qiang from the angle of investment institutions, sharing the latest views on the current new Sanban market.

The new Sanban transaction volume will increase gradually

"We think the new Sanban does have a lot of opportunities, infinite charm." He Qiang think, the new Sanban for PE investment institutions, Baconian rise have three opportunities; the first is financing channels; second is the exit pipe; the third is investment opportunities.