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Several PE through IPO ushered in the harvest period capital today Nuggets Yifeng drugstore
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In December 5, 2014, 02:43 Securities Daily

- the trainee reporter Liu Sihui

In December 4th, new Liuzhou Pharmaceutical (52.40, -2.11, -3.87%) first appeared on the exchange [micro-blog], with the previous trend consistent shares, Liuzhou medicine in immediately after the opening prices, as of the close, reported 37.76 yuan / share, an increase of up to 44.01%.

According to the Liuzhou pharmaceutical "IPO prospectus", the company earnings per share issue price of 26.22 yuan / share, the issuance price earnings ratio of 19.71 times, the total share capital of 113000000 shares. The first day of listing, the total market value reached 4248000000 yuan.

"Securities Daily" the reporter found that behind this, listed on the Liuzhou pharmaceutical, Suzhou Zhouyuan Jiuding Investment Center (limited partnership) shares accounted for the proportion is 9.75%, the Jiuding Venus Limited ratio of 6.46% shareholding, calculated in accordance with the market value of 4248000000 yuan yesterday, hold a week Jiuding Venus Limited original Jiuding and two venture capital institutions of stock market value of total nearly 689000000 yuan.