Equity investment business

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Equity investment business

* investment standard

       Company project screening and basic conditions

A, project involves field and region

       1. the investment field: new and high technology, media, electronic information, light mechanical and electrical integration, new materials, new energy, environmental protection, medicine and other industries.

       2. investment areas : in the Chinese territory without area limitation.

B.projectinvestment phase

       1.Project development is divided into seed stage, start-up period, into long-term, mature period, investment company focused on in long-term projects, especially Pre-IPO project.

C.the project requirements points

       1.in line with the national industrial policy, recognized by the national high-tech enterprises. Enterprises with independent intellectual property rights, its advanced technology reached the international or domestic advanced level.

       2.the product of the enterprise, technology, service and innovative, with the differentiation advantage. Enterprises have the core technology of high barriers to entry, difficult to copy or has a unique business model.

       3. the enterprise has developed into the industrialization stage, has obvious market potential or products at home and abroad in the industry has a relatively dominant position.

D.the scale of investment

       1.Depending on the specific circumstances of the project, project investment is in 5000000 yuan to 50000000 yuan.

E.the project return requirements

       Investment project general rate of return of not less than 50%.

G. investment control and exit channels

       1. Requirements of the project 's own risk and corporate risk control. Investment in 1 to 3 years after the balance due safeguard, mainly take the listed companies to repurchase shares, exit, or transfer of shares and the M & a way out.