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      Established in November 2005, Shenzhen Right-Sun Investment Holding Co., Ltd. lies at the center of Shenzhen Central District, its geographical position being extremely superior. With registered capital of RMB60,000,000.00 (Say Chinese Renminbi Sixty Million only) and paid-up capital of RMB60,000,000.00 (Say Chinese Renminbi Sixty Million only), SRSI has still engaged in such business as assets management and securities investment, with finance, hi-tech enterprise, monopolistic and nonrenewable resource-based industry and rapidly-growing consumption industry as the main ones.

      As a large private enterprise and an up-rising star in the investment industry, it has a group of professional talents in international and domestic investment as well as financial field. It has 17 employees under control. All its employees have the bachelor’s degree or above, among which more than 2/3 have the doctor and master’s degree and most of them are qualified to deal in securities as well as well-experienced in financial investment and capital operation.